This is Hisa’s lyric dump. Posts can range from J-Music to Doujin to VOCALOID.

Lyrics will be organized in the following way: Music→artist name, Doujin→circle name, and VOCALOID→producer name (in order to get you bastards to know the person behind the song).

I don’t really care what you do my transliterations. The reason why I made this site is to make lyrics easily accessible to people.

Transliteration standards for common variants:

  • katakana → CAPSLOCK (title: linguistic equivalent if applicable)
  • を → wo
  • は → wa
  • づ → du
  • へ → he
  • long vowels will be fully romanized.
  • anything not in the official lyrics → italics
  • all transliterations will be based on pronunciation, regardless of kanji or punctuation.

{\an8}Translator’s note: “ka” means song.

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